Elvis Presley Re-imagined as Mr. Potato Head

12 June 2012
imports_CCGB_screen-shot-2012-06-12-at-14.36.34_57824.png Elvis Presley Re-imagined as Mr. Potato Head
This surprising new model certainly has a chip on its shoulder ...
Elvis Presley Re-imagined as Mr. Potato Head Images

PPW Toys has announced it's producing a new Mr. Potato Head based on Elvis Presley. We knew that Elvis certainly enjoyed eating potato chips but we never expected him to turn into one!

The potentially surprising announcing came during the 2012 International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, where all manner of new Elvis collectables were announced, including books, guitars and figurines.

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The special 'Aloha from Hawaii' model joins the 'Elvis '68' and 'Elvis Live' Mr. Potato head figures already available from PPW Toys. The company specialises in creating licensed versions of the famous potato figure (that's Mr. Potato Head, not Elvis) and other versions available include Star Trek and Superman, among many others.

You can see the full selection at the PPW Toys website.