Build the legendary Fast & Furious Dodge Charger R/T

22 April 2021
Just launched by Fanhome, the iconic car makes for an incredible model at 1/8 scale

Just launched by Fanhome, the iconic Dodge Charger from the hugely popular Fast & Furious movie franchise makes for an incredible model at 1/8 scale – and the best bit is that you put it together yourself! Monthly deliveries build up into an impressively huge replica of Dominic Toretto’s ride.

Fanhome is a new brand company with one clear mission - to inspire fans with innovative content, high quality build-up models and exclusive collections. Dedicated to developing unique collections and build-up models from best loved brands like Marvel & Star Wars, as well as providing fully-illustrated magazines with inspiring content in every product - check out the Fanhome website ( to start collecting.

Fanhome is launching with this product, but will soon be releasing a wider range of unique collections and build-up models from your favourite fan-tastic brands. Every month you will receive parts for your exclusive model as well as magazines packed with fascinating facts and inspiring content, with information about the film, the car and how-to-build step-by-step guides.

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At the beginning of the Fast & Furious movie run, we found out that Dom had helped his father build up and modify the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T back in his youth. His father had been killed in a stock car race accident, so Dom was reluctant to drive it as he feared its power. Despite several accidents as the franchise progresses, the mighty black Charger plays a key role.

This faithful replica 1/8 scale model of Dom’s Dodge Charger R/T has perfect lines and, with its brutal horsepower, has become the best-known vehicle in the Fast & Furious movie franchise. Weighing in at a mighty 8.3kg, the finished model is 68.5cm long, 24.4cm wide and 18.1cm high. But its size isn’t the only impressive attribute - this highly-detailed, but easy-to-assemble, model features Illuminating headlights and side lights, opening doors, bonnet and boot, and a functioning steering wheel that actually turns the front wheels.

As you progress through the subscription, fabulous free gifts are included. To find out more about this astonishing build-up model, the amazing free gifts and how to order, visit Fanhome’s dedicated website at