Are you a collector?

25 September 2023
It’s a question many of us ask when we meet someone new.

Are you a collector? It’s a question many of us ask when we meet someone new. It is also a question asked by collectors in clubs like the Maidenhead Static Model Club (MSMC) when also asking what do you collect?
From its beginning in 1969 the Maidenhead Static Model Club was one of the original collector’s clubs and the name was to differentiate it from the Scalextric type car racing clubs. They were also one of the earliest clubs to run swapmeets.
Talking to Michael Driver, a member of the club, he said: “Today the club continues, but like many other clubs, membership has fallen and new members are thin on the ground, especially young people. Does this mean collecting is a thing of the past? Well collecting habits have changed and now young people do not seem to collect apart from Lego, Star Wars and the like. We need to encourage young collectors and accept that their collecting habits are somewhat different to ours as older collectors. But they are collectors and clubs like ours need them in order to survive into the future.”
If you are interested in getting involved, or adding to your collection, the next Windsor Toy Fair (run by MCMC) will be held on the 29 October 2023, followed by another on 28 January 2024. 
For more information about joining Maidenhead Static Model Club contact them on 07825 564960 or visit

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