Action Man Day celebrates classic British action hero

08 May 2013
imports_CCGB_prepareforaction_20128.jpg Action Man Day celebrates classic British action hero
Pailtoy's chief designer Bob Brechin due to make an appearance at the Action Man fair. ...
Despite originally having no plans for a follow-up, organisers of the Action Man Day are now preparing their second event due to huge demand from dealers and Action Man collectors. Action Man Day 2 will take place on Sunday, 12th May at the Village Hall, North Weald, Essex and will include an appearance by special guest Bob Brechin, Palitoy’s chief designer, along with dealers such as Modellers Loft, Toy Box Toys, Metropolis Toys and cbtoy collectables.

However, as organiser Danny Smart told us, a second fair wasn’t always in the pipeline. “The first event was extremely successful and we went from only putting out 10 tables to not only filling the hall but having to house sellers in the annex just to cope. We were mobbed by customers to such a point, we were worried that we would reach capacity before anyone left.

“We had no firm plans to hold another event but were inundated with positive comments and the big collectors like Toy Box Toys and Alan Hall, author of the famous Action Man Guides, all got in touch to secure tables for the next event. You could say we had no other option to, not only host another, but we are also planning on making this a six monthly affair – one spring/summer show and one autumn/winter show.”

But why does Danny think that Action Man has remained so popular throughout the years? “I think Action Man was such a big part of almost every boy’s life. I mean, just the sight of an old Action Man brings floods of memories back to anyone between the ages of 30 to 50-years-old.

“Ask anyone of that age if they remember Action Man and I defy you to find any boy that didn’t own one or at least have any memories of this fantastic iconic figure. The real vintage ones in excellent condition command very high prices and the later issue ones can be found for pennies, hence making Action Man available to all… no matter what your budget is.”
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