A mixed lot in Malvern

19 May 2017
pic3-13759.jpg Typical of the mixed lots up for grabs at John Goodwin was this boxed Britains assortment.
John Goodwin’s sale in Malvern in April comprised just over 500 toy lots and there was something for all tastes: railway locos and accessories, plenty of Dinky and Corgi diecast, Meccano as well as magazines and books of interest to the collector.

A Meccano oak dealer’s cabinet dating from the late 1950s tempted many present. It contained over 500 items and was in good condition - the hammer finally fell on £470.

Another Meccano item, Set 6 in a wooden box, together with a couple of related magazines, made £75.

Insofar as diecasts were concerned, one or two stars turned up. There was a Spot-On Mulliner coach in light blue with a red flash, for example. This particular model was unboxed but such is the demand for it that it’s never cheap: it made a creditable £170. The Britains early farm implement set (No.11) also stirred the customers and this set, comprising a disc harrow rake, muledozer and trailers, all in very good condition was bid to £140. As for Corgi, just over £300 was bid on the Riviera Water Ski-ing set: this Gift Set 31 was complete and even had its inner packaging.

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Finally, a surprise in the shape of a Chad Valley Give-a-Show projector set. This example had Thunderbirds themed slides, so endeared it immediately to all those sci-fi fans attending. Enough people wanted this 1960s item relating to the iconic series that its price climbed and climbed, finally settling on £110.