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04 August 2008
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We take a brief look at the history of Gerry Anderson. ...
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Born in London in 1929, Gerry Anderson initially worked in a photographic studio where he became interested in working in film. He applied for ajob in the film unit of the Ministry of Information where he joined as a trainee, giving him access to knowledge of film production & technique. Gerry made his film industry debut in 1946 with Caravan, starring Stewart Granger.

After National Service he resumed a career with Pinewood Studios as dubbing editor, then turned freelance taking on directorial assignments for television. Within six months he was contacted by Rediffusion to produce a puppet series called The Adventures of Twizzle, for the newly formed Independent Television followed by a second series, Torchy the Battery Boy. After, he produced his own show, Four Feather Falls, a fantasy Western, before moving onto his first real hit Supercar.Joe 90 - Joe's Car

At this point his potential was spotted by Lew Grade of ATV and, following an investment which helped Anderson pioneer puppetry technique, Supercar was subsequently sold to American TV who commissioned more, leading to Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds being born.Thunderbird 2

The early collectables of Gerry Anderson are hugely collectable and much sought after. Packaging condition contributes enormously to prices and good examples are extremely hard to find so expect to pay a premium for ex-shop condition items.


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