News story of the month: Bidders battle for Greek Warriors (15-Oct-10)

15 October 2010
imports_CCGB_wbritainspaintdevelo_06442.gif W. Britain's paint/development sample set of Greek Warriors.
At a recent Vectis auction £2,100 was paid for a W. Britain's paint/development proof sample set of Greek Warriors. ...

The continuing rise of plastic figure prices was evident at the Vectis Military, Civilian Figures, Equipment and Accessories sale on 16th Sept when a hammer price of £2,100 was paid for a W. Britain’s paint/development proof sample set of Greek Warriors. 

This example was a companion set to those previously sold by Vectis in March 2007 (Lot 4330 – 16th March) and Dec 2009 (Lot 637 – 2nd Dec) and was obtained from the same source, albeit a year or so later than the two Trojan sample sets.

The Greek Warriors set is believed to have originated in early 1962 in a bid to increase sales by providing opponents for the Trojans (an idea that had already proved successful for the Khaki/Enemy Infantry Range) without the expense of producing new figures...

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This excerpt is taken from the November issue of Collectors Gazette. To see which back issues are available, click here.