'Lost' memorabilia sold at live auction in August

20 September 2010
imports_CCGB_avanownedbythedharma_01286.gif A van owned by the DHARMA Initiative sold for $47,500
Authentic screen-used props used in 'Lost' were recently sold via live auction by Profiles in History and ABC Studios. ...

Fans of the hit US TV series ‘Lost’ had the opportunity to nab some authentic screen-used props, thanks to the Profiles in History and ABC Studios’ August auction.

The live auction featured over 1,000 lots of props, costumes and set pieces from all six seasons of the hit television series. Items up for grabs included a large section of the hull from crashed flight Oceanic 815 (which sold for $9,000); a section from a prop submarine ($2,500); and even a VW van owned by mysterious organisation the DHARMA Initiative ($47,500).

The sale also had on offer a huge selection of autograph and manuscript memorabilia, including a letter written by Sawyer, one of the survivors, and a signed pilot episode script signed by the show’s creator JJ Abrams.

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“This show is like Star Trek, it has such a loyal cult following,” exaplained Joseph Maddelena, President at Profiles in History.