Find out what your TV and film-related collectables are worth

26 October 2011
imports_CCGB_scalextric-007_80017.jpg Find out what your TV and film-related collectables are worth
Jim Stevenson highlights a few of the big TV and film memorabilia pieces that will only grow in value. ...

With the economic downturn getting worse and interest rates at a record low, many people are turning to alternative forms of investment in an effort to make their money work for them, especially as established methods, such as savings and investment funds, don’t seem to be making a return in line with the ever-increasing cost of living.

One question I get asked more and more these days is: “What toys are worth collecting?” Well, take your pick: diecast, lead soldiers, teddy bears, trains... the list is endless. Classic film and television toys are particularly popular at the moment, especially from the golden era of the 1960s.

As with all forms of collecting, the watchword is ‘condition’. Buy the best condition, mint-in-box examples you can. Keep them in good condition for a period of time and you should get a reasonable return on your investment; in the meantime you can enjoy the fun of having in your possession some of the best toys ever produced. Here’s a selection of classics that I thought have stood the test of time, both in terms of popularity and value.

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First up, the James Bond 007 Scalextric Racing Set, released in 1967. These rare sets are always in demand. Recently, I have seen examples change hands for in excess of £2,500 each. However, they do need to be complete (including all the pieces from the often lost ejector seat function). They also need to be in a tidy box to demand top prices and to make the best investment...

PICTURED: Condition is everything when valuing collectables, and this Scalextric set if often missing parts when seen at auction.