Oxford's new zodiac shows signs of being a real star

Oxford's new zodiac shows signs of being a real star

Oxford Diecast Ford Zodiac MkII - Shark Blue/Pompadour Blue

SCALE: 1/43
PRICE: £5.95
REF: 76FZ001

FORD'S second incarnation of its Zodiac was slightly altered to distinguish it from the lesser Zephyr variants, having more elaborate tail-end styling and, at the front, a different grille.

The auxiliary lamps and wing mirrors were deleted from the Zodiac range but it retained two-tone paint, whitewall tyres, chrome wheel-trim embellishers and gold plated badges.

Manufactured from 1956 to 1952, the restyled MkII was a popular choice with the understated style over the Zephyr clearly winning car buyers over.

Oxford's new tooling looks absolutely magnificent in the subtle yet eye-catching two-tone colour scheme chosen here and there will most certainly be many more versions of this wonderful car to follow in a myriad of colour options.

The body shape is so well replicated and the silver paint to replicate the chromework is really well applied - so much so that you have to really zoom in to make sure that this isn't a 1/43 scale model. Now there's a thought...

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here and back to the 1/76 scale version in hand. Continuing with the zooming in idea, it allows you to fully appreciated the subtleties of the wheel trims that are worthy of particular note - very pleasing indeed.

The interior is nicely visible through the large windows of this fabulous Ford and those sumptuous leather seats look really comfortable. I can't help but wonder if my 1/76 scale self would want to get behind the wheel and drive - of course I would!

So, another sure fire success for Oxford Diecast and that's precisely why it get's my Editor's Choice slot this month