Bburago's big scale stylish and sporty Bugatti beauty certainly catches the eye

Bburago Bugatti Divo

Scale: 1/18
Price: £44.99
Ref no: B18-11045

Billed by Bugatti as the most agile and dynamic car it has ever created as perfect homage for its 110th anniversary in 2019 and a "monumental driving machine" just 40 of these incredible beasts will be made. Combining heart-stopping acceleration and greater downforce, it is a car built for corners with its optimal handling performance, representing Bugatti's new interpretation of its philosophy "form follows performance". Bburago's modelling of this outlandishly stunning car in diecast is absolutely fabulous. The large scale offers a bigger 'canvas' to work with and, being metal, full advantage has been taken with opening features - both doors and the front end 'boot'. The interior is really impressive with the seats, in particular, looking very realistic indeed. Wheels and tyres are finely finished with the colour matching blue-wall tyres really adding to the whole look of this outrageous creation. It really is a whole lot of model for the price and one not to be missed if supercars are your thing. It's truly wonderful stuff.