Yanoman Rendezvous 78 Space Ship sold at Vectis Auctions

16 May 2013
imports_CCGB_2192-l_29768.jpg Yanoman Rendezvous 78 Space Ship sold at Vectis Auctions
Super rare space toy makes £1,200, along with other great tinplate items. ...
Yanoman Rendezvous 78 Space Ship sold at Vectis Auctions Images
Tinplate spaceships and robots are certainly one of the more colourful areas of collecting – particularly those created by Japanese companies – and Vectis has recently sold one of the most impressive tinplate models we’ve ever seen.

The No. 5548 battery-operated ‘Rendezvous 78 Space Ship’ by Yanoman of Japan is a superb two-part space vehicle in metallic blue with tin printed detail.  The front section separates from the rear, a bit like an ejector pod and there’s also an SR10 Rocket on a launcher with operating handle and docking station switch. Movement is powered by a ‘mystery action’ – common on numerous tinplate toys from the 1950s and ‘60s.

According to the website Vintage Space Toys there are only a handful of these tinplate space toys left and it’s considered one of the rarest by collectors. It was considered a “good plus example” for display and was the first sold by Vectis. Originally estimated at £300-400 the hammer price was out of this world at £1,200.

This wasn’t the only visitor from outer space though and the auction also featured a number of other robots and space toys. Another nice example was a Masudaya (Modern Toys Japan) battery operated ‘Distant Early Warning Radar Station’ made in the 1960s. It came with an antenna and radar scope, along with a Morse Code signal key and was wired for blinking lights. Considered to be in excellent condition with very little use it realised £160.

Meanwhile, a Horikawa (Japan) tinplate clockwork ‘Gear Robot’, also from the 1960s and featuring a clear plastic chest with two revolving gears, sold for an impressive £100.

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