World's largest Golly badge collection heading to auction

06 June 2013
imports_CCGB_-dsc1109_43969.jpg World's largest Golly badge collection heading to auction
More than 50 badges, including many rare pieces, being sold at Vectis Auctions. ...
As part of the 10th July Specialist Diecast Sale Vectis is offering one of the largest collections of Golly badges in the world and the largest collection ever to come onto the open market at auction. The Golly collection started in 1984 when a young boy spotted a badge belonging to his parents and was taken with it in a way only a child can. From that moment Mike Martin decided to collect the Golly badges for his son and provide what has turned out to be a legacy running through three generations.

With help from his wife the couple were pioneers of variation, collecting for eight years. Mike was a stickler for details and noticed slight differences in manufacture and production such as hair, waistcoat, shoes etc, and so the list and collection grew. As a little boy Mike’s son remembers building glass cabinets with his Grandfather to store all of the badges and having jumpers knitted by his Grandma with a footballer and cricketer Golly motif. This provokes vivid memories as he recounts the tale. The collection was then put aside to give his son a good start in life. Now a father himself Mike’s son Dave feels the time is right to give his son the best start in life he can and offer the collection for sale, hoping the legacy will continue with other families and the thrill of collecting and memories of togetherness will inspire future collectors.

The collection of more than 500 badges features a number of rare pre-war variations including fruits, cricketers, footballers and golfers as well as a Coronation Golly for King George VI from 1937.  Other badges include the more traditional Gollys with white Golden Shred waistcoats; there is a pro-pat Skater Golly, a Boy Scout, bagpiper, sportsmen, lollypop men and Balloonists badges.

There are also two badges of the HMS Crichton, one of the rarest badges produced, plus many others leading right up to the modern acrylics including the Blue Astronaut. Mike Martin was a prominent collector in the early 1980s and '90s, anyone who was collecting Golly badges at that time will be sure to know him and the fantastic collection he has amassed.

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