Woodies can be luxury cars!

14 February 2020
Unveiled to us at the Nuremberg Toy Fair was Autopioneer’s 1/43 scale handbuilt resin and white metal 1938 Horch 830BL Tarbuk-bodied Woody
Woodies can be luxury cars! Images

Completely manufactured in Western Europe, the model features 97 non-moving parts and is a limited editions of just 50 worldwide – there will be no colour variation continuation runs.

In 1938 the cost of a Horch was 10,000-14,000 Reichsmark (one Reichsmark is equivalent to 3.70€). For the same money you could buy a luxury home!  The average wage at the time was 165 RM a month. These figures help to illustrate the value of the Horch 830BL Woody at the time.

The Horch 830 is a passenger car with an eight-cylinder V-engine and rear-wheel drive. The brand belonged to Auto Union, who launched it as a successor to the Type 430 in February 1933. This particular example was rebodied by F.M. Tarbuk & Co., an Austrian vehicle trader and body shop, founded in 1920 in Vienna by Fritz Tarbuk.

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Today, the restored Horch 830BL Woody is displayed in the EFA Automobile Museum in Amerang, Germany.

Telephone +49 9645 918406 or email [email protected] for more information. Autopioneer’s extensive website can be found at www.autopioneer.de.