Wonderland Toys sale at Sheffield Auction Gallery

14 August 2014
imports_CCGB_press3_59073.jpg Wonderland Toys sale at Sheffield Auction Gallery
Toy expert John Morgan gives us an exclusive first look at this incredible upcoming auction. ...
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More than 150 Tri-ang Minics, 300 Dinky toys, robots, Japanese tinplate, Hornby O Gauge and much more is set to be sold at Sheffield Auction Gallery from the collection of the late, great, Roger Wilson.

A lifelong Hull man, Roger was born in 1947 and having initially tried his hand at painting and decorating, the collecting and dealing bug was never far away and by the early 1980s Roger had opened his first collectors shop in Edgecumberland Avenue in Hull, called Wonderland Toys.

It was a shop that put Hull firmly on the map for toy collectors in the pioneering days of the hobby. It was at this time Roger's distinctive 1960s Morris Minor Van sign written with Dennis The Menace became a common sight in East Yorkshire. His family remember those early days and how every family holiday and day out seemed to be planned around a toy fair.

Roger was very fortunate that he was one of those people whose passion was also his living and his dealing touch transferred into his own collection, which put together over many years, reflects first and foremost an eye for condition and quality.

Following his untimely death in March 2014, the toy collection is being sold at Sheffield Auction Gallery’s Fine Toy Sale on Thursday, 25th September 2014.

“It is a great honour and privilege to catalogue and bring to the market Roger's collection,” commented the Gallery’s senior valuer and auctioneer, John Morgan; who knew Roger since the 1980s. “Roger focused his collecting themes in some specific directions and to see his Minics, especially all set out, is a rare experience because they’re such quality.”

There is already significant interest around the sale and the auction is also being previewed in London on the 13th September at the Sandown International Toy Fair - a first for Sheffield Auction Gallery.  

For further information on this auction or to enter items into any of the sales please contact the Sheffield Auction Gallery on 0114 281 6161 or see the website where there is a full auction schedule along with photos of forthcoming items.

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