Will vintage Airfix sets be the collecting phenomenon of 2014?

09 December 2013
imports_CCGB_5269_76966.jpg Will vintage Airfix sets be the collecting phenomenon of 2014?
Vectis Auctions chooses Airfix as one to watch after fantastic results during its recent sale. ...
Will vintage Airfix sets be the collecting phenomenon of 2014? Images
Following the fantastic results obtained for the third Airfix Archive sale held on Thursday, 28th November at Vectis Auctions, the auctioneer is now predicting that vintage Airfix is set to be a major collectible for 2014. The collection sold over three sales during 2013 originated in California and consisted of vintage kits mainly dating to the late 1950s through to the early 1970s. Due to the climate and professional storage conditions these kits, and more importantly their packaging, were in mint condition, even extending to no rusting on the staples!
The November sale saw two first issue (1958/1960) aircraft Saunders-Roe SR67 and Me 262 both make £204 apiece, a first issue (1956) Bristol Fighter achieved £228, a first issue (1960) Bolton and Paul Defiant Nightfighter made a healthy £180, while a second issue (1963) Westland Whirlwind, with shipping bag, made £288.
Meanwhile, the kits sold with their original shop bulk supply shipping bags (an item rarer than the kits themselves) also achieved exceptional results. First issue (1957) D.H. Tiger Moth realised £336, first issue (1956) Westland Lysander made £288, a first issue (1956) Gloster Gladiator sold for £384 and a first issue (1958) Focke Wulf Fw190D realised £360.
Armoured Vehicles also did well, with two First Issue (1961) MK.1. Sherman Tanks making £216 apiece, while a first issue (1962) Panzer 75mm Assault Gun achieved £132. Figures and playsets continued their upward trend with a Waterloo Playset reaching £84, a Gun Emplacement Assault Set making the same and 11 first issue Figure Sets - Type 1 (1959 -1965) making £72. While four lots of Attack Force HO/OO Ready-Made Vehicles made £204, £204, £168 and £144 apiece.
Vecits added: "With some fantastic items in the pipeline for 2014 including: first release (1950s) Lancaster, Flying Fortress, Sunderland, the Colditz Glider and the now impossible to Find SS France, keep watching this space!" So, do you agree that Airfix is one to watch for 2014? Guess we'll just have to keep track of the auction results next year!

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