What's the value of this Matchbox Superfast No 31c Lincoln Continental?

21 November 2022
19,000 listings and a benchmark for all price guides.

Want to know how much this Matchbox Superfast No 31c Lincoln Continental pre-production trial model with its Regular Wheels sea-green body on a Superfast baseplate went for in May 2021 at Vectis Auctions? Then you need the very latest edition of Ramsay’s British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue.

Now in its 18th edition, this invaluable publication is brought to you by a team of experts who have scoured thousands of auction results over the past two years, since the previous edition, to ensure you have all the updated market value prices.

With over 19,000 listings, this catalogue remains the benchmark for all price guides, and is a must from anyone collecting diecast models. Adding to the previous editions, whether it’s Dinky Toys, Corgi or Matchbox, or you desire to seek out models from the more unusual or smaller manufacturers such as Brimtoy, Charbens, Cherilea, and others, this has it all!

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Valuations can fluctuate and there will always be some erroneous hammer prices in either direction here and there. We strive to smooth out the peaks and troughs to provide a more sensible guide price, taking a wider selection of results into consideration, rather than focusing on individual auctions.

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