Volkswagen T2 Kombi Last Edition is coming soon from DNA Collectibles

18 September 2020
DNA Collectibles celebrates 56 years of production Volkwagen's T2 Kombi
Volkswagen T2 Kombi Last Edition is coming soon from DNA Collectibles Images

Volkwagen's T2 Kombi was made until 2013, in Brazil, and DNA Collectibles is celebrating its 56 years of production by releasing a stunning 1/18 scale resincast, capturing the final production version.

In beautiful bi-color blue and white, the model features white sidewall tires on the steel rims, adding a classic to this great VW T2 Kombi replica.

The "56 Anos Kombi Last Edition" badges on the side and on the rear are well replicated, and are a feature of the special edition VW. The side air intakes have been crafted with depth to mimic the real ones that serve the air-cooled engine located in the back.

The front and back ends both include DNA's signature engraved lights, complete with the painted silver screws. These screws are also replicated on the front bumper, as per the real vehicle. The perforated front grille looks exactly like the real thing too.

DNA Collectibles always add lots of detail to make the model as realistic as possible - the door handles on the side, the fuel cap with its tiny key lock, the side mirrors, and even the lateral sliding door hinge are all there. Inside, you will be astonished by the level of realism. The bi-color interior is a masterpiece and matches the exterior perfectly, and the seats have the blue and white stripes that are typical of this edition.

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The steering wheel and column are visible, and the radio with special edition stickers on top is duly replicated. As usual, the scale model comes with fabric seat belts.

In the back, the two bench-type seats can seat six people, and nice blue curtains are perfectly crafted for the windows, as well as the chromes bars that hold them. There is even a spare wheel in a cover.

For a limited period, pre-orders attract a 10% discount, reducing the purchase price by £14.00. To find out more, and to place an order, visit DNA's website at