Vintage Toy Exchange bucks the trend

25 October 2021
Vintage Toy Exchange opens its new collectors toy shop in Matlock
Vintage Toy Exchange bucks the trend Images

The Vintage Toy Exchange opened its new collectors toy shop on Dale Road in Matlock towards the end of October to little fanfare, but with huge hope and anticipation. This was definitely realised as the shop was barely empty of customers from when it opened its doors on the Friday until shutting them again on Saturday evening. 

A family run business, it has relocated from another premises in Dale Road as the final part of a significant investment in a business that opened in December 2019, only to be hit by Lockdowns and the uncertainty that followed. 

Senior partner John Morgan commented, “Hindsight is a wonderful manager, and there were times when I thought we would never get going. However out of adversity has grown opportunity and a decision to invest and push on in the future has seen us arrive where we are - a new shop, new offices, a very active internet business, standing nationwide specialist fairs all supported by a dedicated team of partners and staff.”

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Vintage Toy Exchange specialises in collectible toys both old and new, and draws on John's nearly 40 years in the industry as a dealer and auctioneer. “During my time in the industry the ‘wheel of fortune' has certainly turned and the buzz words of the early 1980s of Matchbox Yesteryear, tinplate trains, Hornby Dublo, have been replaced with Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe to name but a few” commented John.  

“However, the one aspect of the business opportunity I did not for see was the number of children that would visit and catering for these has seen a diversity of product range into newer toys”. All the stock has one common denominator though, in that it is 'pre-loved' - although very often not played with and the company is always on the hunt for stock.

“It feels slightly ironic” continued John “that at a time when the headlines are full of toy shortages our companies rather tongue in cheek stock policy rings in my ears - 'We never have enough... although we have too much”. 

More information about what the business has to offer can be found at: