Vintage Meccano No. 7 set makes over two grand

05 August 2013
imports_CCGB_cotteesmeccano_51062.jpg Vintage Meccano No. 7 set makes over two grand
Original and largely complete set among the highlights at Cottees. ...
Proving that despite its age, Meccano still continues to excite and delight collectors in equal measure, the star lot during the Cottees Toy & Model Railway sale on 15th June was the highly anticipated 1924/25 Meccano No. 7 Set in its original oak chest. Largely the set was complete - a few bits and bobs were missing – but that didn’t deter the bidders who fought fiercely before the hammer went down on £2,185 (price includes 15% buyers commission).

Along with the Meccano there was a large selection of tinplate, model railways and diecast. “Overall prices for modern proprietary OO gauge railways remain buoyant and interest continues to create high prices for limited edition wagons,” said John Burch of Cottees. “Mint boxed Tri-ang items are increasing in price, whereas the average Hornby Dublo pieces are static to dropping.” Do you agree with this? What has your experience been with Hornby Dublo? Let us know in the comments below!

Elsewhere in the sale, tinplate proved to be a hit with bidders and a rare Tipp & Co. C/W Wireless Car in superb condition sold for £980, while a CKO Kellerman No. 357 C/W Wehmacht Motorcycle with rider and pillion passenger realised £715.

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