Vintage Dinky Lyons Swiss Roll Van hits the sweet spot at Halls

09 August 2013
imports_CCGB_82_53281.jpg Vintage Dinky Lyons Swiss Roll Van hits the sweet spot at Halls
Dinky diecast and Hornby model railways make hundreds during toy auction. ...
A boxed Dinky Supertoys No. 514 Guy Van, in the livery of Lyons Swiss Rolls (pictured to your right) proved to be a sweet treat during the toy sale at Halls Fine Art Auctions on Wednesday, 31st July. Estimated at £300-450, the price kept on rolling upwards to £560. However, it wasn't the only Dinky delight in the auction and a boxed Dinky Toys No.942 Foden 14 Ton Tanker in the livery of Regent Petrol sold for £325 - more than doubled its lowest estimate.

Up next, two Mobilgas Dinky trucks proved a success. A boxed Dinky Toys No.941 Foden 14 Ton Tanker in the livery of Mobilgas, with grey tyres and black ladder and filler caps reaiised £320, while a Dinky Toys boxed No.504 Foden 14 Ton Tanker in the livery of Mobilgas sold for £310. This was a rare example of the model with the Mobilgas logo to the rear of the tanker, as opposed to the front, also featured the Mobilgas logo on both ends of the tank unit, a known and scarce variation.

The fancy Fodens continued with a Dinky Toys No.505 Foden Flat Truck with chains, in first issue early cab illustrated blue box, second cab type in maroon with maroon wheels and black tyres, sold for £270, while a Dinky Supertoys No.504 Foden 14 Ton Tanker, second cab type in the first type box, red and fawn with later style wheels in red, realised £260.

Away from the diecast a Hornby No. 2 clockwork Special locomotive and tender circa 1929, in LNER green livery (cab No. 234) and complete with six wheel tender.  The locomotive had some detail overpainting and came with a boxed Hornby No. 2 Passenger Coach (brake and third) catalogue reference C571, in  LMS livery with dark grey roof. These sold for £290.

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