Vectis Auctions celebrates its 25th anniversary

13 February 2014
imports_CCGB_logo_94763.gif Vectis Auctions celebrates its 25th anniversary
Auctioneer planning a series of special 'Silver Jubilee Sales'. ...
Vectis Auctions celebrates its 25th anniversary Images
2014 sees Vectis Auctions celebrating its silver jubilee - 25 years dedicated to auctioning collectable toys. The year will be marked with some outstanding sales and the auctioneer would like your collection to be entered into its anniversary year.

Vectis was created in 1988 by Roger and Jill Mazillius on the Isle of Wight - giving the company its name (Vectis is the ancient Roman name for the Isle of Wight). The first sale was held on September 15th the following year at Guildford Surrey.

When Bryan Goodall purchased the company in 1996 it has a turnover of £600,000 raised from eight auctions a year. Vectis currently holds more than 50 auctions per year and regularly achieves around £5,000,000 a year. Back in 1988 the only way to bid was to attend the auction in person or leave an absentee bid but now with the introduction of the internet the sales are broadcast worldwide and people can bid from the comfort of their home or office, whether they are in the USA, Australia, China, the UK or anywhere in between.

Vectis is looking for outstanding collections to feature in its "Silver Jubilee Sales", so if you have a collection of diecast, TV & film, locomotives, military or dolls and teddies get in touch about placing them into auction. You can contact Vectis by phone on 01642 750616 or email.

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