Vectis adds to huge Star Wars auction

17 September 2013
imports_CCGB_leecooper_56858.jpg Vectis adds to huge Star Wars auction
70 mint and carded Star Wars action figures added to October sale, including a Palitoy Boba Fett Mailer. ...
After previously reporting about the super rare Star Wars Palitoy 12 Back Vinyl Cape Jawa which is expected to make thousands when sold at Vectis next month, the auctioneer has just revealed that it's adding to this already impressive sale with 70 mint and carded Star Wars action figures, many of which have been graded by the AFA or UKG (make sure you watch our previous video featuring Steve from UKG).

Like the Jawa, several items are already causing a stir among collectors, including a Palitoy Boba Fett Mailer, which is believed to be the only confirmed and graded example in the world and is one of a kind; a Palitoy Boba Fett single stem bubble, which is the only confirmed example with this transition bubble and Luke Skywalker Jedi with blue lightsaber - the only confirmed and sealed example on a Palitoy cardback that, until last month, was believed to not exist!

This superb collection was put together by Lee Cooper, who originally only intended to collect the 65 Return of the Jedi figures but, because there are various figure, card and bubble variations, the figure quickly rose to almost 100. After that Lee began to acquire the first 20 Palitoy Star Wars figures.

"The great thing about Star Wars collecting is that you can spend as little or as much as you can afford," explained Lee. "The items I'm selling have taken a few years to collect and these have come together from literally all over the world."

Interestingly, Lee has had many of the items professionally graded, which ensures they're protected in specially built acrylic cases. "I've had most of them graded myself by UKG which is a fantastic British based grading company. I prefer the look of them graded and sealed in acrylic cases. Also, this guarantees that it has not been resealed or reproduced, and lessens the chance of them being damaged," added Lee.

Lee's Star Wars items will be sold in the 24th October auction, which currently includes a massive selection of vintage Star Wars figures.

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