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24 October 2022
Announced as No 323 Citroën DS19 in Monte Carlo Trim

The next reproduction from the Corgi Model Club is No 323 Citroën DS19 in Monte Carlo Trim. Although, after intervention by the French manufacturer, it won’t now be called that! As DS is now a separate brand, Citroën has asked for its name to be removed from the base of the model and the box.

By way of a sneak peek at a future release, the image above shows a model still in pre-production, but it looks too good not to share, even at this relatively early stage. No 327 MGB GT is being replicated in the same red as the original version, but with a change of colour to the suitcase, which will now be a more realistic brown, rather than the original black. Doesn’t it look wonderful?

Finally, after all the recent increases in costs of raw material, shipping charges, etc., the Corgi Model Club has very reluctantly been forced to make a small increase to the prices of each club model release. From the 1st November, this will go up by just £3, to £22.99 plus postage. Even if you’re not a member, you can buy any of the releases so far (subject to stock) as a standalone purchase.

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To find out more, visit the club’s website at www.corgimodelclub.com.