Unknown Britains Race Horses set sold at Vectis

14 August 2014
imports_CCGB_5624-l_58464.jpg Unknown Britains Race Horses set sold at Vectis
Set was made in the 1940s for the Gamages department store. ...
Unknown Britains Race Horses set sold at Vectis Images
A previously unknown Britains for Gamages Race Horses Famous American Owners set from 1941 nosed ahead at the Military, Civilian Figures, Equipment & Accessories sale at Vectis Auctions on 24th July.

The set was made especially for the London-based department store and followed the pattern used by Gamages during the 1939-41 period for its military themed sets but swapped out the soldiers for American jockeys. In the 1940s Gamages was commissioning Britains to make sets that were aimed at the American market - thus the choice of racers for this particular example.

It contained fives horses owned by Audley Farm, Mrs E. Denemark, DDD Stables, Greentree Stables and Mr H. W. Maxwell, along with their riders in various jockey colours. The horses were finished in satin, gloss and matt finishes.
As an interesting insight into toy manufacturing in the '40s, the box also included a note saying: "owing to current difficulties in obtaining certain parts, the contents of this box may be found to vary slightly from those noted. 1st January 1941."

The set had been kept by the same owner since 1940 when his father bought it while on a business trip to England and this exceedingly rare piece certainly did the business by realising £5,200.

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