UK Snow: The Collecting Survival Guide

18 January 2013
imports_CCGB_3231-l_94069.jpg UK Snow: The Collecting Survival Guide
Our run down of some of the best snow-themed collectables. ...
UK Snow: The Collecting Survival Guide Images
With the UK currently gripped by subzero temperatures, snow drifts several feet high and possibly a severe shortage of hot water bottles, it’s likely that you’re feeling pretty depressed. Looking out of the window into the great white waste isn’t likely to fill you with much joy – unless you run a recovery service, in which case you’re probably rubbing your hands together thinking about all the trapped cars you’ll be rescuing over the coming days.

So, with this in mind, we’ve decided to cheer you up in the best way possible: by looking at some classic snow-themed collectables! It’s the perfect collecting survival guide for the winter weather. Wrap up warm, grab yourself a lovely cup of hot chocolate and take a look through some of our favourite snowy collectables (and thanks very much to Vectis for its archive images)…

Matchbox Collectables No.YY035/SB-1 Scania Vabis Post Bus Snow Mountain Inn

This is what you should see down the A1 when it’s snowing, instead of drivers in nippy little sports cars that start skidding when they get within 100 yards of an icy puddle. Even better, it would save everyone commuting in their own cars, get everyone inside, pop your lunch boxes on the roof rack and off you pop.

Matchbox Regular Wheels No.35B Snow-Tracs

If you fancy something that looks slightly more like a tank and, let’s be honest, appears more manly, then the Matchbox Snow-Trac is the thing for you. These mighty beasts could probably charge their way through a snowdrift the size of a house and come out the other side without a hint of a stalled engine. The snow would probably move out of their way because they're so impressive.

Hasbro G.I. Joe, wearing Snow Patrol, Winter White camouflage two-piece ski parka

You can trust G. I. Joe not to be put off by a little bit of snow. Minus 10 conditions? Ha! G. I. Joe laughs at the prospect as he’s slipping into his two-piece ski parka and putting his ski shoes on, ready for a trip down to Tesco to pick up a new razor to keep his hair nice and short. You wouldn’t see Joe sliding around on his bum because he nipped out for a posh sandwich still wearing his inappropriate office shoes.

Corgi Unimog Snow Plough Pre-production model

One of the worst things about the snow is having to constantly clear your driveway. You spend ages shoveling snow about, only to go inside for a cup of tea and then look out the window to see the snow has come back with a vengeance. Well, Corgi had the right idea with this Unimog model – if you had one of these you could clear the whole street in no time.

Britains - Herald Set H.5298 - Polar Survey Party

Of course, another terrible thing about the snow is that you might not be able to make it to any swapmeets this weekend. Well, never fear, because this is the kind of get up you need! Finding some huskies could be a tricky task, so perhaps consider rounding up some local Yorkshire Terriers and strapping them to a shopping trolley. And, even better, you can put everything you buy at the swapmeet in your trolley!

Hornby O Gauge Snow Plough

There’s nothing worse than hearing your train has been delayed because of the wrong type of snow on the tracks. Well, perhaps the railway companies should consider strapping one of these to the front of their engines?  In fact, this solidly built Hornby model would probably stand a better chance of zipping up the West Coast Mainline when there’s a flurry of snow than most modern locos!

Palitoy Star Wars Vintage The Empire Strikes Back Rebel Armoured Snow Speeder

Finally, we end on the ultimate in snow transport – the Armoured Snow Speeder. There’s no chance of slipping about on a tight bend in this fine specimen because you’re hovering over the snow! Heading to work in this would be an absolute blast and you could use the onboard harpoon to spear a nice Gregg’s steak bake on your way past – just try not to hit anyone else because arriving at work with a fellow commuter dragging behind you could look a little bad.
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