TWH Collectibles Releasing Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovel

07 November 2012
imports_CCGB_twhcollectiblescaterpil_80321.jpg TWH Collectibles Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovel
Large-scale replica will be a 'must have' mining model for collectors ...
TWH Collectibles Releasing Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovel Images

Coming soon from TWH Collectibles is the ‘must-have’ mining model for every collector. The Caterpillar 7495/7495HF Electric Rope Shovel, which weighs in at over 21 lbs (9.5kg), measures up to the impressive qualities of the real machine and has been reproduced in 1/50 scale.

Components are crafted from a range of materials and processes including diecast, metal stamping and photo-etching plus many functioning parts are present including key-operated hoist, crowd and rope-operated dipper trip, rotating carbody, individually linked metal tracks, movable access ladders and lighting, and opening doors. Minimal assembly is required, limited to the application of a few friction-fit handrails that can be also be glued if preferred.

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So what's the difference between the CAT 7495 and 7495HF? The CAT 7495 features a 82cu yd dipper and 79" shoe pads suited for hard rock applications; the CAT 7495HF features a 59cu yd dipper and 148" shoe pads for unique oil sands conditions.

Fire extinguishers are located throughout model and additional marker lights, cab roof railings and access ladder add to the realism. The model is 26” long, over 11” wide and only 400 are being produced with an RRP of $899.95.

For more info see TWH Collectibles website or Caterpillar's website. TWH Collectibles is a licensee of Caterpillar Inc.