TV show on the hunt for 'Ultimate Dealers'

26 November 2013
imports_CCGB_ultimatedealers_70951.jpg TV show on the hunt for 'Ultimate Dealers'
Have you got what it takes to make a profit from vintage items you buy from auction? ...
TV show on the hunt for 'Ultimate Dealers' Images
We've been contacted by the creators of a new show for Channel 4 called Ultimate Dealers, who are looking for those with an eye for a bargain that can make a profit from items they sell at auction. To be honest, it sounds a bit like Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is from BBC2 but instead of using the tyical stock of celebrity antiques experts, the show wants to hunt down the UK's best dealers to take part in the show.

And this is where you come in! Because if you're an expert dealer with a proven track record of buying cheap and selling big, you could appear as a contestant. In each episode of the programme the show will follow pairs of competing second hand goods dealers over the course of a week as they buy items from general auctions and sell them on through a variety of means, dependant on the methods used by each dealer. The producers at IWC Media provide the dealers with a £500 budget and a free reign to purchase the items they think can realise the most profit. The challenge is simply to make more profit than the competing dealer.   
Participants need not necessarily be full time professional traders, but they should have some serious experience in the used goods market and be passionate and enthusiastic about buying and selling. They also don’t have to be specific antique specialists as the makers are looking at people who can adapt to a variety of different auction situations and they don’t have to have done TV before. The dealers are also paid an appearance fee for their time so it’s well worth taking part. To potentially take part contact Ultimate Dealers via email or on the phone 0141 353 8406.

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