TV & film collectables are the stars at Special Auction Services

14 April 2014
imports_CCGB_penguinmobile_08184.jpg TV & film collectables are the stars at Special Auction Services
Batmobiles, Bond and baddies all exceed their pre-sale auction estimates. ...
Over the years, we've seen some extremely iconic cars on the big and small screen. Whether it's Batman's Batmobile from 1966 or Bond's Aston Martin DB5, they're vehicles that have created a lasting legacy that's still being felt today. Of course, because they're so iconic it's only natural that toy makers wanted to create their own miniature versions.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s some of the best toy replicas were made by Corgi and, despite their age, they're still exceptionally popular today. This was proved recently during Special Auction Services' Toys & Trains Auction in which numerous models inspired by famous vehicles sold for well over their estimate. Here are some of the lots that had an Oscar-winning performance.

No. 267 Batmobile, black gloss body, Whizzwheels, Batman and Robin figures, gold slasher blade, eight rockets, in original striped window box, very good to excellent, box good, five rockets on sprue, realised £150 (estimate £60 to £80). No. 277 The Monkees Monkeemobile, red body, white roof, in original blue/yellow window box, very good to excellent, box good to very good, which made £130 (estimate £60 to £80).

No. 391 James Bond Diamonds Are Forever Ford Mustang, red body, black bonnet, white interior, Whizzwheels, in original window box with 007 sticker, very good to excellent, roof chipped, box good to very good, sold for £130 (estimate £60 to £80).

Even mixed lots proved a hit, with a selection including No. 268 Batman Batbike, No. 259 Penguinmobile and No. 320 The Saint Jaguar XJS, in original boxes, excellent to mint, rockets still on sprue, boxes good to very good, selling for £95 (estimate £60 to £80). While another collection including No. 928 Spider-Man Spidercopter, No. 435 Superman Supervan and No. 263 Captain America Jetmobile, in original boxes, excellent to mint, boxes very good, made £120 (estimate £80 to £100).

But the big lot was a Corgi Toys Batman Gift Set 40, comprising Batmobile, Batboat on Trailer and Batcopter, in original striped box, excellent, rockets still on sprue, box very good, which sold for £750 (estimate £200 to £300). Plus, it still had a Woolworth's sticker on it saying it originally cost £3.99!
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