TV and film collectables are the stars at Special Auction Services

06 August 2013
imports_CCGB_drwhosas_51109.jpg TV and film collectables are the stars at Special Auction Services
Doctor Who and Star Trek memorabilia trebles its pre-sale estimates. ...
It seems that with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who approaching in November sci-fi collectors are keen to snap up their own piece of Who-mabilia… a phrase we’ve just coined but feel free to use it yourself.

This was proved perfectly during Special Auction Services’ Toys for the Collector sale on 29th May, in which a mixed lot of Doctor Who items quadrupled its lowest estimate. Included in the lot was a selection of Denys Fisher figures (Cyberman, Leela, Tom Baker as Doctor Who), a Dapol W005 Tardis in its original box, along with a loose Mego Corp Tom Baker.

Just in case you can’t remember Leela, she was the companion of the Fourth Doctor and was played by an actress called Louise Jameson. She first appeared in the episode The Face of Evil, although she’s probably most memorable for the skimpy leather outfits she wore! Anyway, back to the serious business of auctions. Estimated at £100-150, this neat collection of Who-mabilia sold for £460.

Continuing the sci-fi theme was a selection of Star Trek items. This particular lot included a Mego Corp Super Phaser II Target Game, Mego Corp Lt Uhura, original Topps 1976 Star Trek Bubble Gum and Klingon action figure. In our opinion, the target game is the highlight among those pieces. It comes with a black gun that can be used to ‘shoot’ a giant red reflector mounted on a picture of a Klingon Battle Cruiser – if you score a direct hit on the evil Klingons, a buzzer on the gun sounds. Minutes of fun for a child in the ‘70s!

Again, the science fiction collectors were keen to beam this item up and it also quadrupled its lowest estimate, realising £400 against a pre-sale estimate of £100-150. Finally, completing our sci-fi selection is a Nomura Japan (TN) battery-operated tinplate Robby Space Patrol, made in 1957 and inspired by the film Forbidden Planet. Estimated at £1,600-1,800, it made a robust £1,800.

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