Tribute to Corgi Designer Marcel Van Cleemput

26 March 2013
imports_CCGB_marcelwithformercollea_10645.jpg Marcel with former colleague John Worth inspecting the JPS model. Picture -
Inspirational 86-year-old designer dies peacefully, following a short illness. ...
We've just been informed of the extremely sad news that Marcel Van Cleemput the chief designer at Corgi between 1956 and 1983 has passed away. The 86-year-old died on March 15th, following a short illness. Throughout his incredible 29-year career at Corgi he designed some of the company's most famous models and was considered to be the genius behind Corgi's technological superiority over its big rival, Dinky.

The first model he designed was a Ford Consul but he went on to create some of Corgi's most iconic and well-loved replicas, including the superb Batmobile (No. 267) and James Bond's Aston Martin from the film Goldfinger (No. 261). After leaving Corgi he went on to write The Great Book of Corgi (1956 - 1983), which many consider to be the definitive guide to the model maker. In 2010 he followed up the original book with The New Great Book of Corgi (1956 - 2010).

Originally from France, Marcel moved to England in 1935 aged nine and later served in the French Army. He started working at Corgi on January 1st, 1954 and in 2010 told the Northampton Chronicle - "It wasn't a good day for a French man to start work as we are always celebrating New Year's Day. Within a short time I became chief designer. I did the first drawing of the very first Corgi model and was involved with every single Corgi model produced until it went into liquidation in 1983."
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