Trial delivery from Harrods

03 February 2017
Vectis-harrods-grey-46349.jpg Would Harrods have ever countenanced a grey van?
Closing the year for Vectis was one of two mid-December sales, the first of which saw a real mixed bag of lots, ranging from transport toys to Action Man.

A Yesteryear Y12 Ford Model T Van pre-production colour trial for Harrods attracted plenty of interest. Finished in the store’s evocative dark green, it boasted a cream tampo print to one side of the body and was fitted with cream, type 2 rear doors. A matt black roof, black seats, chrome windscreen and radiator, together with a black chassis and red 12 spoke wheels, set this example off. Contained within a straw window box, it was estimated to make £20-30 but finally sold for a surprising £180.

A companion model was another example of the Harrods van, This particular trial came with a grey body, a tan tampo print and type 3 rear doors. With tan roof, black seats, a gold windscreen and radiator and black chassis, it ran on gold 12-spoke wheels. If anything, because of the odd colour, you might have thought it would do less well – which just proves that there’s no logic to this hobby. Its equally modest guideline  price was left standing, with the van finally delivering the goods at £280.

It wasn’t all about Harrods though, even unloved Dinky toys found favour with the audience. Typical was an unboxed group that included the Ford Transit Van (No.407), a Trojan Van with Brooke Bond Tea logo plus others in a fair to good condition. This lot of 28 was snapped up at £240 against a pre-sale guide of £30-40.

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Bus enthusiasts weren’t omitted, either. An Exclusive First Editions boxed group included E31904A (a RML Routemaster Sinsheim Museum 2007), a 29608A (the Leyland Olympian Riverside Bus Route N9), a 28802A Leyland Titan Subscribers Special from 2002 and a 24607 Daimler Utility Bus (Wiltshire and Dorset New Year 2010), plus others. Conditions were generally mint in excellent boxes and the 18 models were knocked down at £160.
And Action Man? Well, the Palitoy Action Man Helicopter Pilot, in near mint state, with box, took to the skies to realise a terrific £216, well over twice the pre-sale estimate; while the Soldiers of the World Australian Jungle Fighter carded outfit, also  near mint, was bid all the way to £240. Now, where did I leave all my old Action Man outfits…?