Transformers, in bulk…

06 December 2016
Wessex-Transform-2-54400.JPG Transformer1
Wessex Auction Rooms sell off huge collection of Transformers
Transformers, in bulk… Images

In total 50-boxed G1 Hasbro Takara Transformers went under the hammer at Wessex Auction Rooms on 25 November. The collection, which came complete with weapons, instructions and unused sticker sheets, included many sought-after figures such as Headmasters, Duocons and Jazz.

The collection came from a vendor who bought them after their release in the 1980s while talking his children to Toys R Us. While his children went shopping for presents, the Transformers caught the gentleman’s eye and he ended up buying a large quantity of them for himself.  He kept them on display for a short while but they have since spent the last 25 years in storage.
For a full report, pick up a February issue of Collectors Gazette!

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