Transformers edge out 007 at Vectis

03 February 2021
TV & Film collectables fetch top prices at toy auction
Transformers edge out 007 at Vectis Images

Whilst this writer cannot get excited about vehicles that turn into robots, clearly there are plenty of people out there who take an opposite view. One of Vectis’ sales recently had plenty of these curious, and prices seem to be firming.

A pair of Hasbro Transformers G1 1993 Lightformer Ironfist Autobots, cased together, attracted a final bid of £3,600: one was a prototype and there was interesting box art included. A Transformers G2 1993 Axelerator Rapido Autobot achieved £1,440, and again was accompanied by a prototype within the packaging; while a G2 1993 Axelerator Rush Autobot followed the same pattern, in this instance the pairing making £1,560. Still on Hasbro, a GI Joe 1989 Tiger Force Psycho-Pat three and three quarter inch figure, in bubble and upon an excellent punched 36 back card, realised £552, way above expectation. And the similar-sized Star Wars vinyl-caped Jawa didn’t hang about either, this diminutive chappie being whisked off to another galaxy for £1,320. However, when you put up a Lego Pirate Ship and a Castle, in the belief that £50 might secure the pair, then possibly you’re out of touch with the market: this duo was bid to an eye-watering £456.

Another of the recent sales focused on James Bond: a Corgi James Bond free-standing toyfair display stand advertising the James Bond Lotus Esprit taken from the film "The Spy Who Loved Me" raised £672 whilst a rare Cecil Coleman "James Bond 007" action figure issued as "Commander Bond" set the bidders alight: this made £1,440. The closing bid of the Japanese KKS "James Bond" - Secret Agent 007" gun set, comprising a Walther gun and silencer, bullets, scope and rifle stock, was £840; while £1,080 won the scenic prop taken from the film "GoldenEye", a machine gun used by Xenia Onatopp.

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The sale that featured a number of Austin Healey models was something of an oddity but the £3,000 winning bid on the Corgi Toys 300 Austin Healey Sports Car was arguably not: this scarce (unique?) colour variation was greyish-blue, with red interior seating, flat spun hubs and hand applied detail to the front and rear. In an early box, it was thought to be a factory paint trial. Elsewhere in the sale a Dinky Guy Warrior Heinz Tomato Ketchup van in a striped box realised £792; but the star lot was indubitably the Corgi Silverstone Racing Layout Gift set which, whilst not quite mint, was certainly of high quality and included various unmade kits. This boxed set finished on £2,040.