Trains down under

02 March 2017
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Auction review
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Australian auction house Antiquetoys holds plenty of auctions throughout the year and its February event threw up some good quality railway items. In particular, there was a Tri-ang OO gauge Sydney Red Rattler Suburban Set, comprising a power coach, dummy and trailer. The motor coach had suffered a damaged pantograph, but otherwise the lot was very good, albeit untested. This rolled away to make AUS$800.

Another great lot from the same stable was the Tri-ang OO gauge Trans-Australia Passenger Set, attractively finished in silver in red. This comprised a diesel locomotive, an open coach, a dining car, an observation car and a baggage car. In very good condition, it attracted a lot of interest, the hammer finally falling on AUS$160.

More O gauge, this time 2-rail: the GWR 4-4-0 locomotive and six-wheel tender (No.3528) in green was perhaps built from a kit. Aside from a few small scratches it was in very good shape and started off at AUS$200. It finally sold for AUS$360.

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HO/OO gauge is always popular, to judge by what turns up on the swapmeet circuit, and a pair of diecast LNER locomotives with tenders were offered at the sale. Probably from DJH, and deriving from kits, the tenders did not quite match up, however. In untested, fair/good condition, surprisingly this lot fetched AUS$230, despite an AUS$40-80 guideline.

Other locos in this scale included an LNER 4-6-2 Guillemot No.4465 and an LNER 4-4-0 No.1234. Described as fair, they sold above estimate to make AUS$160.

Four Slater's 7mm O gauge GWR bogie passenger coach kits in unassembled state was an unusual lot. Included were two 7C015 3rd/brake; a 7C08 Full 3rd; and a 7C09 1st/3rd/lavatory. All came with instructions, and all kits appeared complete. Described as very good these items closed on AUS$210, slightly over the lower estimate of AUS$200.

Finally, for fans of working steam, there was a Mamod SA1 live steam Roadster looking for a new home. Complete with burner, funnel and box of fuel pellets, it was only missing a steering rod. A small paint chip was evident on one mud guard, and there was slight corrosion on the stainless steel bonnet. The seat was also loose. The engine was untested but turned smoothly. Contained in a very good box, this iconic model made AUS$210.