Toys of Yesteryear Museum Video Tour

17 September 2012
imports_CCGB_toysofyesteryearmuseum_75025.png Toys of Yesteryear Museum
Before the traditional museum closes its doors, we pop round for a visit. ...

Last month we reported that the Toys of Yesteryear Museum is sadly closing down, once its lease comes to an end. Unusually though, owner Steve is looking to sell some contents of the attraction, including two replica shop fronts. One is a traditional toy shop and features some rare items in the window display, such as an original Meccano shop display, a Dinky aircraft display with original models and plenty of other interesting items.

Along with the toy store, Steve is also selling 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', a replica sweet shop full of treats, which also features old packets, advertising material and shop fittings from the 1950s/60s. Unfortunately none of the sweets are edible, so perhaps don't look round if you've got a craving for sugar because you'll be disappointed.

In this video, Steve explains how he opened the museum, how long he's been operating and why he's having to close down. There's also an interesting snippet about where he got many of the collectables from and we bet you won't be able to guess the unlikely location!

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Remember, although the museum is closing down there's still time to visit and you can find out more information from the website.

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