Toy sale results...of Batman and Beeching!

01 February 2021
Highlights from the recent sale held by British Toy Auctions

At the British Toy Auctions recent sale a Corgi GS3 Batman two piece set stood out. The lot contained a Batmobile, together with 12 yellow missiles (three of which were attached to the sprue), plus the Batboat in black, with red transfer and orange fin on a gold trailer. Very good to excellent, with a very good polystyrene tray and window box, it was bid to £420.

Cheap Star Wars? Well, those figures are not all a king’s ransom. Just £80 was needed to secure a vintage 1983 carded Palitoy Star Wars action figure of Klaatu. Other bargains included the FAB 1 for £30: this was the unboxed Thunderbirds plastic friction drive (as opposed to battery powered) version by Century 21 Toys. The model exhibited a few cracks to the roof, though. Elsewhere, there was enough Tri-ang Hornby railway merchandise to have successfully resurrected all those lines cut by Dr Beeching back in 1965. A typical example was around 40 items of unboxed OO gauge freight rolling stock. This lot included tank wagons, grain wagons, bogie flat wagons and similar. In playworn condition, they sold for just £65. For the bigger layout, a Tri-ang Hornby OO gauge R5083 Terminus / Through Station Composite kit looked the part: this was bid to £220.

Some reading matter also surfaced: over 160 copies of School Friend and Girls Crystal dating from the 1950s found a new home for £130.

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And what about modern reproductions? The Atlas Dinky range might be worth watching. A total of 19 diecast vehicles, together with some ephemera, in mint condition, achieved £140. And for lovers of dolls, there were ten lots of Sindy and Pippa: not all Sindy dolls are four figure sums but the 1974-1975 Lovely Lively version, with hair care set and clothes, sold for £120.