Toy Collectors Price Guide 2015 preview: Other Toys, Games & Collectables

12 November 2014
imports_CCGB_lot419vectis-july_91338.jpg Toy Collectors Price Guide 2015 preview: Other Toys, Games & Collectables
Get a taste of the latest bumper edition of the Toy Collectors Price Guide 2015. ...
Toy Collectors Price Guide 2015 preview: Other Toys, Games & Collectables Images
We’re pleased to report that the Toy Collectors Price Guide 2015 will be available to buy in stores and online from 14th November. You can pick up the Guide in store at WH Smith or order direct from Warners Group Publications… if you’re quick, you’ll be able to get it just in time for Christmas.

The 2015 edition is a bumper issue with 148 pages dedicated to the collectables sold at auctions around the globe during the past year. With selections from the likes of Wallis & Wallis, Cottees, Morphy Auctions, Vectis, Sheffield Auction Gallery and plenty more, it’s a handy field guide to help you put a valuation on your vintage toys or pieces you see at swapmeets.

To give you some idea of the amount of information contained within the Guide, there are more than 1,300 toys listed, totaling a whopping £292,000+. The diecast section alone has 324 lots, with a combined total of £61,190. What’s more, as eBay continues to play a bigger part in the collecting community, we’ve included more than 66 items sold on the auction website, with a total of just over £56,000.

Finally, there’s an introduction about how to buy at auction – just in case you’ve previously been daunted by the prospect – and we highlight some ways of spotting potential collectables of the future.

To give you a taste of this year's guide, you can see a preview of some of the items featured below:

Racer Kit, battery operated snap together plastic racing car with engine. Complete and unused. Sold for £48, Morphy Auctons, September.

Meccano Set 10, contained in hinged wooden box, containing various brass cogs and accessories. Some items have been restored but condition is generally excellent. Sold for £520, Vectis Auctions, September.

Meccano Outfit No. 5, containing green plastic girders, flanged plates in red, brass cogs, blue wheels, together with various tools. General condition is good plus, box is fair to good. Sold for £30, Vectis Auctions, October.

CBM Commodore Model 3008 Steel Case Personal Computer, CRT screen missing back, includes Commodore Data Cassette and accessories. Sold for £70, Sheffield Auction Galley, September.

Marx Bazooka Bagatelle Game, in box, circa 1930s, World War II-themed. Sold for $60, Morphy Auctions, September.

Siren Stan the Spaceman's Gun, in box, circa 1960s, plastic battery-operated gun with some chips and minor cracks on tip. Sold for £84, Morphy Auctions, September.

Scalextric Super Speed 8 Set, including C23 Arrow cars in blue and red, two throttles, quantity of track with related paperwork and instructions.
Sold for £30, Lacy, Scott & Knight, August.

Nintendo Mario Bros Game & Watch multi-screen MW-66, 1983, untested, but appears good within polystyrene tray and original good box. Sold for £45, Vectis, July.

Tarco Toy Rocket Satellite Action Game, magnetic board game with early joystick design. Beautiful artwork. Sold for $150, Morphy Auctions, September.

Marx Toys Garloo, not working, needs some cleaning, otherwise very good. Sold for $300, Morphy Auctions, September.

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