Top new models from Oxford Diecast

11 February 2021
2021 releases announced by major diecast manufacturer

With the past 12 months having been a totally different experience, any preview days that we would usually attend have, of course, been out of the question. So for the reveal of its new announcements for 2021, Oxford Diecast turned to social media. Here are just a few of the models announced, for the full selection check out the April 2021 issue of Diecast Collector (on sale 2 March). Pre-order your copy here.

Bedford CF Ice Cream Van - Jordans
43CF004 SCALE: 1/43
DUE: Q2/2021 PRICE: £16.95

Mobile Trailer - M. Manze Jellied Eels
76TR018 SCALE: 1/76
DUE: Q2/2021 PRICE: £11.96

Scammell LD55 Dumper Truck - NCB
76ACD002 SCALE: 1/76
DUE: Q4/2021 PRICE: £21.95

Land Rover Lightweight - RAF Police, Akrotiri 
43LRL010 SCALE: 1/43
DUE: Q2/2021 PRICE: £16.95

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Jaguar MkIX Imperial - Maroon
43JAG9005 SCALE: 1/43
DUE: Q2/2021 PRICE: £23.95

Austin K8 Threeway Van - Coca-Cola
76AK018CC SCALE:1/76
DUE: Q2/2021 PRICE: £6.25