Top marks for new models from Top Marques!

28 May 2014
imports_CCGB_top02b-2-_28746.jpg Top marks for new models from Top Marques!
Two new colour variations have been announced of the recently released Fiat Uno Turbo in 1/18 scale from Top Marques Collectibles. ...
Top marks for new models from Top Marques! Images
Hot on the heels of the two new Alfa Romeo 4C and Fiat Uno Turbo models, both in red, featured in the July issue of Diecast Collector (on sale 2nd June), Top Marques Collectibles has announced the imminent release of two colour variations of the Fiat Uno Turbo in white and silver.

Having had samples of both the Alfa Romeo 4C and the Fiat Uno Turbo here at Diecast Collector, I can testify that both the build quality and finish are fantastic. All models have a RRP of £124.99.

The Alfa Romeo 4C (TOP 03R) and the red Fiat Uno Turbo (TOP 02R) are available now, with the white and silver Uno Turbo variants (TOP 02W and TOP 02S respectively) coming soon. Contact John Ayrey ( or 01274 594119) for details of suitable retailers.

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