Thunderbirds are Vectis toy sale

09 February 2021
The recent Vectis sales threw up some interesting prices for sci-fi collectables, prompting the question whether the sector is on a roll.

Examples? A Dinky 101 Thunderbird 2 first issue, finished in green, was generally near mint and was complete with a great display plinth and packaging pieces. A colour folded leaflet showing "Thunderbirds" models to one side and cars to the other was included. This effectively doubled its estimate, realising £850. The companion model (Dinky 106) in metallic blue is much more common, albeit less desirable.  Again complete and with a colour folded leaflet, this was taken to £320.

Elsewhere, a boxed white Oldsmobile Thrushbuster Man from UNCLE car was as good as they come, and contained the Waverley ring, together with a club leaflet. This, the export model, isn’t easy to find on these shores, which may have accounted for the £660 finishing bid. As for the Husky Juniors Batman and Robin set, that was in a different league entirely: an early issue with grey knobbly wheels, it received much attention, with the winning bidder’s wallet some £1,800 the worse for wear once the hammer fell. And then there was the bigger version: the Corgi 267 Batmobile was a first issue in black with red bat hubs, featured blue tinted windows and came with Batman and Robin figures. Near mint, with its missiles on the sprue and boasting impeccable packaging, this raised the roof at £3,000, or SEVEN times the upper estimate. Holy smoke!

Badges also got a look-in: a Robertson's Collector golly badge, produced with the official consent and approval of James Robertson & Sons for readers of the Badge Collector's Circle newsletter "The Badger", was an unusual lot. A chrome "Silver Shred" variety was part of a strictly limited edition of only 300 brooches and golly aficionados obviously thought it worth the £384 top bid.

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Finally, old but gold: the Dinky 28e pre-war (Type 1) Ensign Cameras Delivery Van in orange, with gold washed wheels, was only good to good plus but it caused a stir nonetheless. It was snapped up for a resounding £3,360.