The sky really is the limit at latest Vectis Star Wars auction

01 March 2019
star-wars-21456.jpg Star Wars Boba Fett
Are we tired yet of reading about Star Wars ephemera?

It seems that the inter-galactic roller coaster ride just goes on and on, with more and more figurines tempted into what has become a very buoyant marketplace. At the end of January, Vectis’ TV and Film themed sale simply bore out what most punters already knew: the sky’s the limit in this sector…

On the day, a Kenner Luke Skywalker 3 3/4" vintage figure, nearly mint on a good bubble card, achieved £960 whilst an The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett 3 3/4" figure, which showed discoloured limbs, and which was encased within a dented bubble, nonetheless attracted the audience: this fellow actually made £720 in the end.

Moving up the scale, a Palitoy Clipper Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Imperial Commander figure, near mint, was expected to make up to £240 but soldiered on to realise an astonishing £1,920.

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The Jawa figure nearly stole the show, though: mint, within an excellent bubble, this was an ex-Palitoy employee example. Intense interest preceded the final bid of £2,880. Another ex-employee figure was The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker in his Bespin outfit. What price fashion? How about £2,280?

It didn’t end there, though. Wise old Yoda was not to be outdone and this near mint example from The Empire Strikes Back film was also from an ex-factory worker’s collection. His pension pot was doing well on the day, for this gem made a staggering £4,080.

Still not enough? You’d have required £5,760 (yes, nearly six grand!) to take home the other Boba Fett figure, which was billed as a good plus (albeit again with discoloured limbs). His bubble was excellent, though: what a relief.

Finally, the bigger stuff also sold well. There was, for example, a Palitoy/General Mills Star Wars Return of the Jedi Millennium Falcon that was mint, and still within its sealed packaging. This came with a PBP Juegos Y Jugetes Master Sample Carton shipping box. Some people like this kind of thing, and it led to the lot doubling its £1,200 estimate.