The return of Pocher model kits - video interview

05 March 2014
imports_CCGB_pocher-hk100-arancio-argos_02716.jpg The return of Pocher model kits - video interview
Plus get a sneak peek at the Pocher exhibition at the Hornby Visitor's Centre. ...
The return of Pocher model kits - video interview Images
One of the surprise announcements at last year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair was the return of kit maker Pocher. Despite being founded in the 1960s, Pocher had been dormant for almost 14 years, after seemingly producing its final model (a Porsche 911) in 1998. However, behind the scenes the brand was snapped up by Hornby in 2006 and it’s under the umbrella of the famous British brand that Pocher is now returning.

The first model from the re-introduced Pocher is a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 in white isis (HK101) and orange argos (HK100) – which was released towards the end of 2014. To celebrate the launch Hornby has opened up a special Pocher section in its Visitor Centre displaying numerous classic pieces that showcase the long history of the Pocher brand. We recently took a tour round the exhibition and met up with assistant brand manager Ryan Maxwell, who gave us some more details about the legacy of Pocher and its future under Hornby.

Plus, you can read more about the history of the Pocher in the April issue of Collectors Gazette - order your copy now!

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