The Professionals RS2000 update

17 June 2022
Latest images of the stunning box artwork from Corgi

Further to the announcement last month of a specially-commissioned Vanguards Ford Escort RS2000, modelled as Ray Doyle’s white version from the TV series, The Professionals, Tony Buller, the person behind this limited edition, has received images of the stunning box artwork from Corgi. Featuring series-related graphics and a spray of bullet holes, the interior depicts a run-down warehouse – a typical scene to find some unscrupulous criminals hiding their loot in.

The run is a limited edition of 1,000 models of the famous car, complete with the correct registration number (PNO 641T) and a replica GB sticker on the boot lid lip. Tony is taking pre-orders now, for a small deposit against the £35.99 price (plus £5 postage and packaging within the UK). Drop Tony an email at [email protected] or call 07935 215886.

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