The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Figures Video Review

12 February 2013
imports_CCGB_2012-01-thehobbitlogo_04724.jpg The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Figures Video Review
We review the new action figures from Vivid, including the rather grotesque Goblin King. ...
Of course any big film release nowadays requires the release of a range of action figures and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is now different. For fans of the little people there are a selection of different figures, including miniature statues that come in mystery bags, basic action figures and larger deluxe action figures with various accessories and points of articulation. They're all available from Vivid in the UK and you can get more details from the website.

Vivid was kind enough to send us two figure packs for review, including the Five Figure Pack and the Battle Pack, including the grotesque Goblin King. We were particularly impressed by the amount of detail on each figure, whether it's the fine pattern on the clothing of the dwarves or the horrible boils on the King, these are very nice collectables figures. They also come with a selection of accessories, which means you've got options if you're planning on displaying them - a nice fight scene against the Goblin King would be rather fitting!

In terms of collecting, the first Hobbit movie released last year was exceptionally popular and the follow-ups are only likely to get bigger! What's more, we wouldn't be surprised to see new toys released for each film meaning Unexpected Journey items could have a limited run to ensure the shop shelves are clear for the next films (potentially). As such, you could be looking at something that'll go up in value in the years to come, so it might be worth picking these up now, storing them safely in the loft and then dusting them off in the future ready to sell!

Make sure you watch the video below to get a closer look at the action figures - particularly the Goblin King which was our favourite (in a horrible kind of way). And remember to get the latest collecting news delivered direct to your inbox every two weeks, sign up for our e-newsletters.

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