The Force was with them

02 March 2017
Vectis-hammerhead-70375.jpg Star Wars
Auction review

Television and film-related toys were the focus of a recent sale and the post-Christmas lull was shattered, when some truly amazing prices were achieved at Vectis.

We reported on the Kenner Star Wars Vlix Droids First Shot 3 3/4" action figure from 1985 in the last issue of the Collectors Gazette. This plastic oddity sold for an astonishing £8,500. Mind you, with hindsight, that was arguably a bargain, for Vectis sold a similar example in 2016 for a stunning £12,000. Has the bottom fallen out of the Vlix market? Stay tuned for the next episode…
The Palitoy/General Mills Star Wars The Return of the Jedi Tri-logo hybrid Hammerhead 3 3/4" figure also aroused a lot of interest. Near mint, within an excellent bubble, upon an excellent unpunched 70A card back, this strange-looking beast hit its upper estimate of £1,200.

A turn-up for the books though was the Galoob Rainbow Toys “Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers” trade box containing horses (1) & (2) Mel; (3) & (4) Triton; (5) & (6) Z-100. The whole was in near mint condition with commensurate packaging. Never heard of this equine family? Well, the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Space Western was one of the first western cartoons to incorporate stylistic elements of Japanese animation. This was a short-lived toy range, as the programme proved unpopular and died a death early on. A highly cautious estimate of £40-60 proved that those in the collecting market knew better, though, the lot realising a creditable £540.

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