The elusive Corgi Tesco Guy Pantechnicon model

27 October 2014
imports_CCGB_corgi-tesco-1_81338.jpg The elusive Corgi Tesco Guy Pantechnicon model
We heard a rumour that some might be on sale in Tesco's Chesterfield store..... ...
The elusive Corgi Tesco Guy Pantechnicon model Images
When we announced the news of Corgi's venture with Tesco to produce a limited edition production run of a 1/76 scale 1950s Guy Pantechnicon, little did we know the interest this would stir up.

Originally on sale at Tesco's 1960s themed store at the Goodwood Revival in September, we've had several emails and 'phone calls asking where these models can be found. Initially it was announced that the run would be 3,000 but I managed to get hold of one of these at Goodwood (thanks Brad Wills!) and the collector card that comes with the model states just 2,000 (see photo of my Goodwood purchase below).

Quite how many of these were actually sold at Goodwood is not known but, assuming there was a surplus after the event, keen enthusiasts have been trying to track these down, us included! Selling at the time for just £5.00, there have been some cropping up on ebay at three times the price. Whether these were procured by a shrewd entrepreneur during the Goodwood weekend or afterwards by way of a surplus deal, we don't know. Calls to both Tesco and Corgi to ask about any leftovers have proved fruitless.

One of the 'phone calls we received suggested that they might be on sale at Tesco's large store in Chesterfield. Our very own Rob Burman, Editor of Collectors Gazette, was in the area last week so diverted into the store and found what he thinks was probably an area of shelf where they might have been. Labelled as "Corgi single diecast model" and priced at the correct £5.00, sadly the shelf space was empty and an "out of stock" label had been placed alongside the product tag. The plot thickens......

But we do have a sample here direct from Corgi that we will be giving away as a prize in the January issue of Diecast Collector, on sale 1st December, so be sure to grab yourself a copy!

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