Takara Tomy Unveils Masterpiece Soundwave

14 June 2012
imports_CCGB_soundwave1_58074.jpg Takara Tomy Unveils Masterpiece Soundwave
Amazon Japan has first images of upcoming Transformer. ...
Takara Tomy Unveils Masterpiece Soundwave Images

It seems like it's been a long time coming - after the teaser announcement a few weeks ago - but Takara Tomy has finally lifted the lid (or should that be ejected the cassette?) on the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece figure: MP-13 Soundwave.

Always a popular 'bot, fans have been asking for a Masterpiece version of Soundwave for some time and the new model certainly looks like it won't disappoint. Although only a prototype for now, it's clear to see MP-13 is an update of the original generation one Soundwave, who turned into a now rather defunct cassette player.

An added bonus is the inclusion of Soundwave's faithful companion Laserbeak, who transforms into a cassette that fits inside Soundwave's chest. What's more, lucky Japanese buyers who purchase the product from Amazon receive exclusive replica Energon cubes.

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Amazon continues its Transformers updates with news that pre-orders of MP-12 Lambor/Sideswipe comes with two chrome pile drivers, which can be fitted to his arms instead of hands. Here's hoping that any Western releaes of MP-12 and 13 also come with similar pre-orders.

If you fancy trying out your Japanese, you can view the Soundwave page and the Lambor/Sideswipe one.

Source: Seibertron