Swiss Collection Realises Almost £100k at Vectis Auctions

15 November 2012
imports_CCGB_buck_80899.jpg Swiss Collection Realises Almost £100k at Vectis Auctions
Wide selection of tinplate and plastic space/novelty toys is out of this world ...
Swiss Collection Realises Almost £100k at Vectis Auctions Images

A fantastic selection of tinplate and plastic space/novelty toys went on sale at Vectis Auctions in Thornaby on 13th September, as part of the Swiss Collection Part IV. There was a wide selection of well-known manufacturers including Nomura, Marx, Schuco, Tri-Ang Minic and Mettoy, meaning the overall total for the auction was an impressive £99,300.78.

One of the more attractive lots was a pre-war Marx Toys (USA) ‘Buck Rogers’ tinplate spaceship (lot 5126) in working order, which doubled its lowest estimate to realise £140, despite missing a tail fin.

Another lot heading for the stars was a DSK (Japan) battery operated Apollo II American Eagle Lunar Modular (lot 5129) that had seven automatic actions, such as ‘stop and go’ movement, an automatic open and shut hatch, flashing lights and the intriguing ‘mystery action’ – which judging by our experience with old tinplate toys was probably when it fell over for no reason!

Continuing the space theme, a rather nice Rockets Away board game (lot 5105) from French maker Capipea reached the top end of its £50-70 estimate. The 1952 game features some absolutely delightful science fiction box art – which would look great in any collection – while the game contained plastic rockets and a simulated space station.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, a Schuco No. 984 tinplate clockwork Donald Duck (lot 5097) sold for an impressive £300. This is a scarce example and was still in working order, with a tinplate body and blue artificial plush jacket/sailor’s cap. Although there was some slight wear to the clothing, it obviously didn’t deter the bidders.

Talking of animals (well loosely, anyway) there was a surprise for lot 5089, a Hong Kong plastic Animal Kingdom Adventure set including an 11cm plastic Ford Transit Mk. 1 Minibus with cameraman, gorilla and lion. Originally estimated at a modest £50-70, it went on to sell for £360.

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