Swapmeet Video Report: Barry Potter Donington Park

07 February 2013
imports_CCGB_donington_04646.png Swapmeet Video Report: Barry Potter Donington Park
A Batman annual, Britains Swoppets and a Dux Astroman are among the the items we spotted at the show. ...
Barry Potter's Donington Park event is certainly a fantastic swapmeet, full of interesting collectables from diecast cars to model railways and TV/film memorabilia. For the latest event on January 27th, we braved the freezing conditions to film some of the more intriguing collectables on offer at the show.

In the video you can discover the table prices for a Batman annual, a Dux Astroman robot, a range of Britains Swoppets and lots more! We won't tell you the prices here, you'll have to watch the video to find out. However, we must apologise that the video is quite dark in some sections because although the lighting is certainly ample for collectors visiting the show, it seems to have had a funny effect on our camera! Anyway, you can still get a good view of some of the interesting items we spotted on the day.

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